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Batman by hypnothalamus Batman by hypnothalamus
Nolan's Batman trilogy was the only one (except maybe for the first X-Men movies) that left an impression on me (and what an impression!) among all the superhero movies from the Marvel and DC Comics universe. The others were at best entertaining (Iron Man), or pure boredom (Avengers), but Nolan really managed to give magnitude to his world and his characters (especially the evil ones) were brilliantly constructed.
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dugg2011 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Great idea! Very graphic, its awesome!!
Pirategurlbell Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I just love it..
Darth-Sparrowhawk Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Inspiring design. I love it. It's creepy, but really reflects what Bruce was aiming for; to become that which he feared. Also, the simplicity really works for you here. My brain had to think for a few seconds as to what it actually was.
Nemonus Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
This is awesome. So creepy, and definitely a unique interpretation of an iconic character. I like how you sometimes come at fanart with the same sensibilities you have in your original art.

I'm curious - I've heard the Avengers called a lot of negative things, but boring is a new one. Could you tell me more about why you thought that?
hypnothalamus Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
It didn't really catch my attention, I mean it was just pure action, no deeper story, no hidden stuff, I didn't even get a tingling of excitement for some reason, just admired the CG but in the end that's not enough. And the characters were mostly flat, definitely no focus on them.
I mean Nolan sends shivers with characters like the Joker and Bane - and even the magnitude of what they were trying to do (though local) seemed far more frightening than that of the army coming from another world trying to destroy the Earth (at least that's what I vaguely remember).
Maybe it's just personal, but I didn't get involved in it at all and it didn't inspire me in any way.
Ophelos Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
I think I love you. This is the opinion I try to convey to people about the Nolan Batman movies too. The depth of the characters is just so awesome. I loved Avengers, but it didn't give me nearly the amount of emotional or inspirational response as, for instance, The Dark Knight Rises did. Loki was a fun villain, but Bane had me way more invested. I was on the edge of my seat. Anytime I see people saying those movies suck, I just go, "...I understand if it isn't your cup of tea, but saying it sucks? They don't suck just because they aren't comics slapped on a screen."

Also, your entire gallery is freaking amazing.
Nemonus Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I don't disagree. I enjoyed Avengers for the dialogue but the characters didn't stick with me, and you make a good point about the magnitude of the "local" attack in Nolan's story being much more effective.
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